MBA Dual Specialization: A Complete Roadmap

In recent times, the fastest way to complete a master’s degree in two specializations is to opt for an MBA dual specialization. This term refers to a unique academic program that allows students to simultaneously pursue two different areas of study within the MBA curriculum. It comes with numerous benefits and spares fundamental knowledge on the same subject. It offers MBA programs focusing on two fields of study, saving the aspirants time and money.

This article will cover the crucial role of MBA dual specialization in the business market. This academic choice is highly valued in business as it equips students with a diverse skill set and in-depth knowledge in two different areas. It makes them versatile professionals who can adapt to various roles and contribute effectively to the dynamic business environment, enhancing their career prospects.

What is MBA Dual Specialization?

Education has evolved, offering students unique learning opportunities. Dual MBA specialization is one such avenue, a journey that promises to be both challenging and rewarding. It’s an achievement that enhances your skill set and uplifts your knowledge, combining competencies from two distinct courses. 

Reasons to Pursue Dual MBA Specialization

Obtaining a dual MBA specialization is a smart choice that help you advance your career. Here are the following reasons to consider:

  1. Time and Effective– Cost- When you pursue an MBA dual specialization, you get a postgraduate degree in 2 domains, which benefits you with high-profile job roles and an increased salary boost. The time consumed during a dual MBA impacts your learning space and enhances your knowledge. 
  2. Flexible Career Switch– Aspirants with dual MBA speciation can learn two distinct domains, allowing them to explore different job profiles and flexibly shift their careers according to their field of interest. This empowerment to adapt to the changing job market makes the aspirants explore new fields and build their careers to develop their knowledge. 
  3. In-Demand Market Trends– The business market is constantly changing and improving. Staying connected with market trends is essential to being knowledgeable and versatile. A dual specialization helps you remain updated with the changing market and stabilises your career.
  4. Wide Range of Career Opportunities– An MBA dual specialization offers various career options. It helps students gain knowledge in two areas of expertise and opens doors to choosing a career in other industrial or business sectors.  
  5. Expands Knowledge– A dual MBA specialization simultaneously expands your vision and knowledge. Students learning from two specializations understand business functions more clearly and apply them in industry-based organisations. 

MBA Dual Specialization: Key Overview

Here are the essential highlights for dual MBA specialization that must be considered before opting.


  • 2years


  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognised institution with a minimum mark of 70%.


  • Relevant work experience (varies by program, often 2-5 years)

Annual Fees

  • INR 6,00,000

Entrance Exam

  • Standard exams include CAT, CMAT, XAT, GRE, and MAT. 

Please Note: The fees mentioned above are subject to change according to the institution, location, and course chosen.

Popular Dual MBA Specializations

Here is the list of courses students can choose for dual MBA specialization:

  1. HR and Marketing– This course provides a combination of human resources and marketing skills that develops students’ fundamental knowledge of marketing strategies and human resources management. 
  2. Operations and Marketing– This course broadens valuable knowledge in operations and marketing and prepares students for job options such as logistics, supply chain management, and marketing brand awareness.
  3. Finance and Management Accounting– This dual MBA specialization prepares you for expertise in financial analysis (Finance) and cost management (Management Accounting).
  4. Finance and Marketing– This course combines the fundamental areas of finance and marketing, enhancing your thoughts on handling financial investments and managing marketing business values. 
  5. Finance and Business Analytics– This combined course will provide students with a solid understanding of financial modeling, analysis, and business analytics, which will prepare them for related industry-oriented companies. 

List of Top Colleges for MBA Dual Specialization

While there are many popular colleges, the most sought-after colleges for dual MBA specialisation are listed below.

  1. NMIMS School of Business Management, Mumbai
  2. TAXILA Business School, Jaipur
  3. Chandigarh University
  4. Nirma University
  5. Sharda University
  6. Kalinga University
  7. Pacific University
  8. Hyderabad Business School
  9. Jaipur National University
  10. Rama University

Career Opportunities and Average Salary for MBA Dual Specialization

An MBA is a sought-after and in-demand program that provides multiple career options; a dual MBA specialization emphasises this and enhances the life of an aspirant. 

Here is the list of job profiles with salary breakdown for a clear understanding

Job Profile


Fees in INR

Product Manager

  • They oversee a product’s lifecycle and ensure it meets the business objective. 


Human Resource Manager

  • They manage the recruiting process and overall organisation. 


  • Handles the healthy relationship among employees and develops a skilled workplace.


Marketing Manager

  • Their responsibility is to execute market strategies and manage social media activities.


Business Analyst

  • Their key task is identifying business problems and finding practical solutions to improve business performance.


Data Analyst

  • They interpret data and provide informed insight to make business decisions. 


Financial Analyst

  • Their work is to make financial reports and a profitable investment for the organisation. 


Project Manager

  • Their work is to plan and execute the project, ensuring it meets the deadline and reaches its goal.


IT Manager

  • An IT manager oversees the company’s infrastructure and aligns IT strategies with its goals.


Please note: The salary above is subject to change according to constant market evolution.

Top Recruiters Hiring Dual MBA Specialization

Here is the top recruiting list of actively hiring candidates with dual MBA specializations. 

  1. McKinsey & Company Consulting
  2. Boston Consulting Group 
  3. Bain & Company Consulting
  4. Amazon 
  5. Flipkart
  6. Hindustan Unilever Limited
  7. ITC Limited
  8. Tata Consultancy Services
  9. Reliance Industries Limited 
  10. Aditya Birla Group

Future Scope of Dual MBA Specialization

Today, the dual MBA program is on the rise, and it guides aspirants in choosing a field of interest that aligns with their career goals. Before moving ahead, let’s check the scope of a dual MBA degree:

  1. Market Demand– Market strategies are evolving rapidly and changing their trends. In this case, candidates with a single specialization may feel included; therefore, having a dual MBA specialization can increase your chances of a high-profile job and provide a sense of security in your career progression. 
  2. Career Advancement– An MBA with a dual degree can help you advance your career. Knowing a dual subject benefits you for many reasons, such as developing leadership and management skills, understanding key business areas, and gaining in-demand employment opportunities.
  3. Adaptability in Career Shift– There’s innumerable growth regarding career choices with a dual MBA degree. Once you gain knowledge in two fields, your knowledge will broaden, and you can get multiple employment opportunities.
  4. Enhanced Skills– MBA dual specialization equips students with various skill sets, such as leadership, problem-solving, strategic thinking, effective communication, and managerial skills, which help them extract new information. 
  5. Broad Networking Opportunities– Students enrolling in a dual MBA degree are facilitated with many networking opportunities from peers and faculty members. Students participating in the workshop and college competition also increase vast networking among students that connects them to different levels of learning areas.


In 2024, when the technology and business markets peak, everyone wants a secure job with a higher salary and opportunities to learn and grow. Here comes the MBA dual specialization, which is easy to attain and simultaneously gains 2 domains. It equips the aspirants with diverse skills and allows them to gain market knowledge to build a remarkable career. 

A dual MBA can be your stepping stone in reaching career heights and developing personal growth. Join today with Hike Education, which will help you impart in-depth knowledge in diverse specializations. 

MBA Dual Specialization : FAQs

Q1. Which is the best MBA dual Specialization?

Here are various dual MBA specializations, but these are considered more important:

  1. HR and Marketing
  2. Operations and HRM Marketing.
  3. Finance and management accounting.
  4. Operations and Marketing
  5. Finance and Analytics

Q2. Which is the highest-paid MBA Specialization?

Below are the highest-paid MBA specializations

  1. Finance.
  2. Marketing.
  3. Human Resources 
  4. Economics.
  5. Entrepreneurship.
  6. International Business.
  7. Information Technology

Q3. What is a dual MBA?

A dual MBA combines another master’s degree to improve the academic profile of the students. It is easy for a candidate with a dual MBA degree to get employment with high-salary job roles.

Q4. Will a dual specialization take longer to complete than a single one?

No. Most MBA programs, regardless of specialization, are designed to be completed within two years of full-time study.

Q5. Who is eligible for a dual MBA specialization program?

Aspirants with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised university are eligible for an MBA Dual degree with a minimum of 70% marks. However, it depends on different B-school’s eligibility criteria.

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