MBA in Marketing Management: Eligibility, Top Colleges, Salary, Job Roles and More

Marketing has become crucial in helping organisations fuel their growth and develop new ideas in today’s fast-changing business world. Businesses today look for employees or service providers who are capable of planning for and implementing strategic promotional techniques that can outcompete those of equal trade.

Mastery of an MBA in Marketing Management enables individuals to shoulder the responsibilities and challenges imposed on marketing managers. But what is MBA in Marketing Management? How does it benefit aspiring marketers? Let’s explore this in detail.

What is MBA in Marketing Management?

An MBA in marketing management is a postgraduate degree in business administration that focuses on studying marketing activities and principles. This program deals with different approaches to marketing, including the analysis of market trends and consumer behaviour, brands and advertising, and digital marketing.

This program combines theoretical approaches with methods of practical strategy, which helps students design integrated marketing concepts.

While studying, the learners master the newest trends, tools, and technologies used in global marketing. They also get to explore the importance of marketing in providing value to customers and achieving corporate goals. The curriculum usually entails courses such as marketing insights, sales tactics, new product development, and effective global marketing.

Who Should do an MBA in Marketing Management?

An MBA in Marketing Management is ideal for individuals who:

  1. Marketing-minded and possess an artistic bent as well.
  2. Wish to have further promotion in their career in marketing.
  3. Eager to have a better insight into the subject that focuses on consumers’ behaviour and market fluctuations.
  4. Aspire to take on leadership roles in marketing and sales.
  5. Seek to enhance their strategic thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Regardless of a person’s position, whether directly out of college or already in the workforce, seeking to gain more knowledge and recognition, this MBA can offer the instruments and accreditation.

For those wondering what is MBA in marketing management and if it’s the right path, the program is ideal for individuals with a passion for marketing and a desire to advance their careers.

MBA Eligibility Criteria

To enrol in an MBA in Marketing Management program, candidates generally need to meet the following criteria:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised university.
  2. A minimum percentage (usually around 50-60%) in undergraduate studies.
  3. Valid scores from entrance exams like CAT, MAT, GMAT, or XAT.
  4. Work experience (preferable but not mandatory) for specific programs.
  5. Personal interviews and group discussions are part of the selection process.
  • The admission methods may vary depending on the colleges that a student is considering, so he or she should look for admissions requirements for the desired colleges. In addition to the provided definition of an MBA in marketing management, there is a need to identify the requirements that are necessary to take this program.


Top Colleges for MBA in Marketing Management

Choosing the right institution is essential since it will determine your degree of return on the MBA program. Here are some of the top colleges in India offering an MBA in Marketing Management, along with their approximate fees:



Full Fees (approx)

Indian Institute of Management (IIM)


23 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Management (IIM)


23 Lakhs

Indian Institute of Management (IIM)


22 Lakhs

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University


2 Lakhs

SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR)


18 Lakhs

Note- Given above, the fees may be subject to change in time.

Top Colleges to Do Online MBA in Marketing Management Course

Top Colleges to Do Online MBA in Marketing Management Course​

For those who prefer the flexibility of online education, understanding an MBA in Marketing Management includes knowing the top online programs.

For students looking to pursue an MBA in Marketing Management online, here are some reputable institutions, along with their approximate fees:


Full Course Fees (INR)

Amity University Online


Manipal University Online


Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)


OP Jindal Global University


Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)


Note- Given above, the fees may be subject to change in time. Students can connect to Hike Education official website for further information.

What are the Job Profiles in MBA in Marketing Management?

What are the Job Profiles in MBA in Marketing Management?​

An MBA in Marketing Management opens doors to various high-paying and influential job roles. Understanding what is MBA in marketing management is crucial in appreciating the breadth of opportunities it can provide. Below are some prominent job roles and their respective average salaries in India.

1. Marketing Manager


A marketing manager is responsible for designing and developing marketing strategies to sell products and/or services.

They are involved in the planning, monitoring, and strategic direction of campaigns and have market research and financial responsibilities. The amount of money that one is likely to earn when working as a Marketing Manager in India varies between 8 lakhs and 12 lakhs per year.

2. Brand Manager


Brand managers ensure they keep a brand’s image, and in most cases, they improve the appearance of a brand. Mainly, they are associated with brand positioning, marketing communication and new product launches. 

The average remuneration paid for a Brand Manager with experience in India is 10 to 15 lakhs annually.

3. Digital Marketing Manager


The Social Media Marketing Managers manage the firms’ social networking profiles. At the same time, the Search Engine Optimization Marketing Managers promote the firms’ websites on search engines, and the Content Marketing Managers are entrusted with developing the firms’ content marketing strategies.

The strategies employed by the respective individuals involve using information management to improve visibility in the cyber world. Digital marketing manager salaries vary according to experience and skills but usually fall between 8 to 14 lakhs annually.

4. Sales Manager


Sales managers are responsible for ensuring annual target figures are achieved, guiding and leading the sales forces, and designing sales tactics. They also look for new entrepreneurial opportunities and meet and manage customer needs. The payment structure for a sales manager ranges from approximately INR 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum.

5. Market Research Analyst


Market Research Analysts survey the market and consumers to help companies understand the market and respond accordingly. They also offer solutions for better marketing endeavours. The pay structure for a Market Research Analyst in India ranges between 6 to 8 lakhs per annum.

6. Product Manager


Product Managers are involved with creating and implementing products that different markets offer. They must exhibit qualities that make them suitable for this role. According to Payscale, the average salary for a product manager in India ranges from 10 lakhs per annum to 18 lakhs per annum.

7. Advertising Manager


Advertising Managers coordinate advertising and branding processes, coordinate with teams to agree on the goals and objectives of advertising campaigns and target the right audience. The remunerations paid to an Advertising Manager in India can thus be said to be average and lie between 8 and 12 lakhs per annum.

8. Business Development Manager


The duties of a Business Development Manager involve the ability to seek existing and prospective businesses by analysing the market, establishing business relationships with new clients, and planning and formulating growth plans.

The salary range for a Business Development Manager in India depends on the employer and the industry; it ranges between 7 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum.

To fully explain what is MBA in marketing management, students must appreciate these jobs and demonstrate how they can influence business outcomes. Many of these positions also come with high remuneration packages, and the employees are given a chance to grow in their careers.

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Understanding what is MBA in marketing management entails is an essential starting point for anyone seeking valuable knowledge.

This specialisatopn MBA ensures that students have the skills and knowledge to tackle the ever-emerging market trends, from conventional techniques to the present state of stylish approaches like digital marketing. Therefore, graduates should be ready for a future of well-paid jobs provided that they undergo the right course of study

What is MBA in Marketing Management : FAQs

Q1. What is MBA in marketing management?

MBA in marketing management is a postgraduate program course designed to equip students with deep knowledge of the marketing domain, covering market analysis, customer behaviour, brand management, and various forms of online marketing.

Q2. Who should pursue an MBA in marketing management?

This MBA specialisation is for people who love marketing and want to enhance their careers in the same field. Those interested in marketing like Directors of Marketing and Sales.

Q3. What are the eligibility criteria for an MBA in marketing management?

Entry requirements for an MBA in marketing include a graduation degree, acceptance in Competitive Management Entrance Tests like the CAT or GMAT, work experience, and engagement in group discussions and interviews.

Q4. Which top colleges in India offer an MBA in marketing management?

Several premier institutes recognised and accepted by these include:

  1. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
  2. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  3. Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
  4. Faculty of Management Studies Delhi
  5. SP Jain Institute of Management and Research Mumbai
  6. Xavier School of Management Jamshedpur
  7. Management Development Institute Gurgaon

Q5. What are the job roles and average salaries for graduates with an MBA in marketing management?

A marketing manager heads other positions, including Marketing, Brand, Digital Marketing, Sales, and Product Management, with annual salaries ranging from 6 to 18 lakhs based on the rank or position of the particular employee.

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