About MBA Query

With MBA Query clear your doubts, and ace your admissions. We cater to the needs of students and peers in planning, deciding, or applying for online and distance learning management programs. In addition, we strive to provide accurate information concerning various universities, courses, and specializations for online and distance MBAs.

Our Vision

We solve admission queries, so you don’t have to. We sought to develop a one-stop platform for students applying for online or distance. MBA Programs and provide a starting point for them to begin their admission journey. Our team of experienced mentors is equipped with the latest information and knowledge to provide customized solutions to each student’s unique queries and challenges. In addition, we offer personalized coaching, one-on-one sessions, and access to a wide range of learning resources to help students deepen their understanding of the admission process.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to simplify the admission journey, clear the confusion, and help or clients achieve their professional goals. So, whether it’s about choosing the right program, preparing for the admission tests, or crafting the perfect application, we provide the guidance you need to succeed in your MBA admission journey.

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How SCOL is Different?

MBA Query, a part of Hike Education Pvt. Ltd., is a medium created considering the needs and wants of individuals or professional intending to enroll in distance or online MBA programs. At our company, we understand that the MBA admission process can be overwhelming and confusing, leaving many prospective applicatns with doubts and queries. That’s why we strive to provide expert guidance and support to all our clients seeking admission to their dream MBA programs.