Is Online MBA Valid in India: A RoadmapTo Explore

In today’s technology-driven world, where flexibility and career advancement are paramount, there are alternatives to the traditional MBA programme. Online Learning has emerged as a flexible and convenient option for working professionals like you. The MBA is a highly respected and sought-after degree, but the question that often arises is: Is online MBA valid in India, and could it be the right choice for you?

This blog will explore an online MBA programme’s advantages and critical highlights, illuminating its potential to catapult your career to new heights and open doors to exciting opportunities. 

Increased Popularity of Online MBA Courses in India

Online education has benefits, such as allowing candidates to balance work and study simultaneously. Let’s understand the critical reasons for the growth of online MBAs in India.

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the primary catalysts for the surge in popularity of online MBA degrees in India is their unmatched convenience and flexible learning mode. Unlike traditional MBA degrees, online MBA empowers you to learn at your own pace and time while juggling other work commitments. This Programme is a game-changer for working professionals who aspire to strike a perfect work-study balance. Aspiring candidates can access study materials and recorded sessions and participate in interactive group discussions from anywhere in the world, giving them the reins of their learning journey.

Diverse Range of Specialisations

Another reason for the growing popularity of online MBA Programmes is the wide range of specialisations they offer, catering to various interests and career goals. Professionals can choose from numerous domains like marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and entrepreneurship, providing an online MBA Programme that aligns with their aspirations. This diversity of courses aligns with their career path and helps them make the most of their degree, which is valuable and relevant.

Cost-Effective Education

When the question arises, is online MBA valid in India? Before enrolling in an online MBA Programme, students check the cost and its worth in the job market. Once they learn that there is a vast opportunity and that the course is cost-effective, they provide the admission process. An online MBA programme costs relatively less than a traditional MBA. Professionals choosing an online MBA make higher education accessible and save much money on accommodation, travel, course materials, etc. 

Recognition and Accreditation of Online MBA in India

The value of an online MBA degree in India is firmly rooted in the recognition and accreditation bodies held by prestigious universities. Rest assured, an accredited online MBA Programme holds immense value in the job market and can swiftly pave your way to a promising career. 

Here are some accreditation bodies that help hold higher credibility for the online Programme. 

  1. UGC Recognition: UGC grants that an online MBA has the same syllabus and reputation as a traditional MBA, and the syllabus is the same to provide equal education. The online MBA Programme in India offers UGC-entitled universities that are legitimate and recognised globally. 
  2. NAAC Accreditation: The National Assessment and Accreditation Council process the quality of education provided in the Indian education system. An NAAC-accredited Programme evaluates a higher academic standard and further enhances its reputation. 
  3. AICTE Approved: To those who ask questions like, is online MBA valid in India? The answer is yes because AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) usually approves online MBA institutions. 

Benefits of Pursuing Online MBA Courses

Online MBA courses offer various options for ambitious professionals seeking to advance their careers. Here are some of the vital advantages to consider:

  1. Flexible Mode of Learning: Flexible study enables students to learn at their own pace and provides a balanced form of learning. This opportunity allows students to learn from anywhere without leaving their work responsibilities.
  2. Affordable: An online MBA Programme is relatively inexpensive compared to a traditional MBA, as there are no charges for travel, accommodation, allowance, etc. This Programme can be taken from home or anywhere at one’s convenience. It has equal value to a traditional MBA and prepares you for industrial-based jobs. 
  3. Diversity: The online MBA Programme attracts diverse groups of students from different backgrounds and cultures, which provides them with broad learning opportunities from a variety of other learning perspectives.
  4. International Outreach: Most professionals ask is online MBA valid in India? The answer is yes because it offers significant international outreach, allowing professionals to interact and connect globally with peers and faculty members. This fosters a rich interchange of ideas, new perspectives and grabbing knowledge from one another to experience diverse business learning.This benefits professionals on a high level by allowing them to learn and advance their future career growth by learning about international business ventures.
  5. Improved Credibility: If higher academic bodies or universities accredit an online MBA Programme, it adds value to your resume, and getting hired becomes easier.

Importance of Online MBA in India

In India, digital learning is evolving, and there is a promising future for those seeking to build a significant career out of their MBA degree. An online MBA can provide a vital return on investment and equip aspiring professionals with much-needed skills and knowledge to enhance their leadership and managerial qualities. An online MBA can benefit individuals in several ways and help them find career trajectories with high-earning salaries. 

Is Online MBA Valid in India: Key Highlights

If you are considering pursuing an online MBA in India, below are the vital parameters that can help aspirants understand better. 

Features of Online MBA in India


Course Name 

Online MBA

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s degree in any stream from a recognised university with a minimum mark of 50%.

Work Experience

It is not mandatory but is preferable for some courses for 2 to 5 years.


2 years

Accepted Entrance Exam

CAT, MAT, XAT, and CMAT vary by institution.

Admission Process

Registration, Document Submission, Selection Test/Personal Interview (if any), Fee Payment, Confirmation.

Delivery Format

Live online classes, interactive sessions, asynchronous learning.

Is Online MBA Valid in India: Popular Courses, Specialisation and Fees

Listed below are the best colleges, popular specialisations, and fees for a better understanding of the online MBA course in India. Aspirants can choose from diverse fields of study and achieve their career goals.

Top B-Schools


Average Annual Fees in INR

Amity University Online

  • Global Finance Market
  • Hospitality Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Operation Management


Manipal University Jaipur

  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Retail Management


Symbiosis School for Online and Digital Learning

  • Information Technology
  • Insurance Business Management
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Export and Import Management
  • Supply Chain Management


Jain University

  • Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • Technology Management
  • Operations Management
  • Human Resource Management


Dr. DY Patil Vidyapeeth

  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Healthcare Management


Lovely Professional University

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finance Management
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management


Pondicheery University

  • General Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Finance Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Insurance Management


Chandigarh University

  • Human Resource Management
  • Retail Management
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Finance Management


Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

  • Wealth Management
  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Retail Management


O.P. Jindal Global University

  • Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • Digital Finance Management


Please Note: The fees provided here are subject to change and can vary depending on the university and course chosen.

Career Opportunities With Online MBA in India

MBA provides a plethora of career opportunities, ensuring online MBA graduates have lists of options to choose from. Below are some respected job lists to consider.

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary in INR

Marketing Manager


Finance Analyst


Operation Manager


Supply Chain Manager


Human Resource Manager


Retail Manager


Investment Banker


Business Analyst


Data Analyst


Sales Manager


Please Note: The above salary can vary according to company, academic qualifications, and location.

Top Online MBA Recruiters

Below is the top list of recruiters who hire potential online MBA graduates in India:

  1. eBay
  2. HCL
  3. Flipkart
  4. Amazon
  5. Zomato
  6. Nestle
  7. Raymonds
  8. Puma
  9. Future Group
  10. Croma


Is an Online MBA valid in India? Many professionals ask this vital question, and the answer is yes because, in recent times, online education has soared and provided a new learning environment to those who want to pursue an online MBA degree at an affordable rate without decreasing its quality level. 

An Online MBA in India offers several advantages, such as flexibility, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and work-life balance, for developing essential skills. Carefully considering each factor and staying determined to study can help them achieve career heights by pursuing an online MBA in India.

Is Online MBA Valid in India: FAQs

Q1. Is online MBA valid in India?

Indeed. With the fast-paced digitalised world, the value of an online MBA is rising, and it provides education in a virtual mode along with other benefits like flexible learning time, cost-effectiveness, recorded sessions, interactive sessions, capstone projects, etc. Many professionals choose an online MBA apart from doing the job to develop academic excellence and diverse career opportunities.

Q2.Is an online MBA equivalent to a regular MBA in India?

Yes. According to UGC, an online MBA is equal to a regular MBA, and it provides the same academic structure and course syllabus to help students stay caught up while studying virtually. UGC’s decision to promote the same learning, whether provided online or offline, is ideal.

Q3. Which College is best for pursuing an online MBA Programme?

Several online MBA colleges are available, but the most sought-after and renowned are listed below.

  1. Amity University Online
  2. Manipal University Jaipur
  3. Chandigarh University
  4. Lovely Professional University
  5. O. P Jindal Global University

Q4. Are there any benefits of an online MBA in India?

For a working professional, an Online MBA provides numerous benefits, such as

  1. Flexibility
  2. Career Advancement
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Global Reach
  5. Salary Boost

Q5. What is the fees for an Online MBA in India?

The fees for an online MBA in India range between 2,00,000 to 3,00,000 for an entire course.

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