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    For working professionals and aspiring business leaders, the LPU Online MBA programme provides an extensive and flexible curriculum. The extensive curriculum is carefully designed by experienced academicians and industry professionals, and offers in-depth expertise in the specialisations provided at LPU, including data science, marketing, finance, and more.
    The pedagogy includes  recorded videos, interactive live lectures, and hands-on projects to provide students a comprehensive education. Furthermore, LPU’s extensive placement assistance, professional development programmes, and exposure to the corporate sector give graduates the abilities and self-assurance needed to succeed in the cutthroat business world. Join LPU Online MBA for a life-changing and professional development programme.

    Why Choose LPU Online MBA?

    LPU Online offers one of the best Online MBA programs in India due to several standout features
    9 Affordable Specialisations: Students can select the low-cost specialisation that best suits their career goals from a wide variety of nine offered by LPU Online MBA. Data Science, Marketing, Information Technology, and other specialisations allow students to customise their education to meet the demands of job markets as well as their own interests.
    Industry Exposure: The curriculum of the programme is industry-focused and created to assist students in achieving swift progress in a competitive market. It includes hands-on learning opportunities that equip students for success in the workplace.
    Contemporary Curriculum: The modern curriculum of LPU Online MBA incorporates case development, analysis, simulations, and interactive sessions. This cutting-edge approach of teaching guarantees that students are interested and capable of using what they have learned.
    Professional Enhancement: Interactive discussions with industry experts are incorporated into the programme to facilitate professional growth activities. By giving students the chance to learn from experts who are leaders in their disciplines, these seminars enhance their educational experience.
    All of these characteristics combine to make LPU Online MBA a thorough and worthwhile programme for students looking for amazing job opportunities and high-quality education.


    Programme Features

    For students looking to further their careers with a thorough and industry-relevant education, these qualities make the LPU Online MBA programme an extensive and worthwhile option.

    LPU Online MBA Programme Course Structure 2024

    Covering fundamental courses including Corporate Finance, Marketing Management, Financial Reporting, and Business Analytics, the LPU Online MBA programme is divided into four semesters. Additionally, students can select general and discipline-specific electives, which will culminate in a capstone project that will put together their knowledge and real-world experience.

    Semester 1

    • Financial Reporting, Statements, and Analysis
    • Managerial Economics
    • International Business Environment
    • Marketing Management
    • Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Dynamics

    Semester 2

    • Corporate Finance
    • Operations Management & Research
    • Business Analytics
    • Research Methodology
    • Communication for Leaders

    Semester 3

    • Discipline Specific Elective I
    • Discipline Specific Elective II
    • Discipline Specific Elective III
    • Seminar on Summer Training
    • Generic Elective I
    • Corporate Strategy & Entrepreneurship

    Semester 4

    • Discipline Specific Elective IV
    • Discipline Specific Elective V
    • Discipline Specific Elective VI
    • Generic Elective II
    • Capstone Project

    LPU Online Certificate

    Earn Valuable Credential and Recognition

    LPU Online Certificate

    Earn Valuable Credential and Recognition

    Pedagogy for LPU Online MBA 2024

    In order to offer a comprehensive educational experience and fit a wide range of learning preferences, LPU Online programmes employ dynamic and all-encompassing learning pedagogy.
    Live Lectures
    An innovative and engaging learning environment is fostered by the real-time communication between students and teachers during interactive live lectures. With this setup, students may work with classmates, participate in conversations, and quickly get answers to any questions they may have, all of which are beneficial to learning.
    Recorded Videos
    Video-based learning is a crucial component of the curriculum that provides you with flexibility and convenience. You can review the material at their own pace and as often as needed with the use of recorded lectures and visual aids. This method supports a range of learning styles to ensure that every student can internalise the material effectively and completely.
    Assignments and Projects
    Encouraging students to apply their theoretical knowledge to assignments and projects are an essential component of the curriculum. The online platform for submitting assignments and projects is designed to be user-friendly so that students can focus on their work without worrying about technical issues.
    System of Learning Management (LMS)
    With a plethora of features including forums, tests, and other tools, this interactive learning platform might help create a seamless and interesting learning environment. Students can focus on areas that require greater attention by using the platform’s personalised learning paths feature.
    By putting these exemplar features together, the LPU Online programmes offer a flexible and effective, all-encompassing learning experience that equips students for the ever-changing demands of the corporate world.

    LPU Online LMS Key Features

    Placement Support Services for LPU Online MBA

    To make sure students are ready for the workforce, the LPU Online MBA programme provides extensive placement support services. Key elements consist of
    Professional Enhancement Programme (PEP)
    • Under PEP, special education classes are set up.
    • Students receive instruction in soft skills, reasoning, aptitude, and interviewing techniques.
    • Enhancing students’ overall employability and preparedness for the workforce is the program’s main goal.
    Mock Interviews
    • Mock interviews are conducted to provide participants real-world experience performing job interviews.
    • Students benefit from this by performing better in interviews and gaining confidence.
    • With the help of insightful feedback, students rehearse their interview responses.
    Online Workshops
    • Online workshops are conducted in cooperation with prominent figures in the particular industry.
    • Workshops offer insights into market trends and the competencies needed for future accomplishments.
    • These classes aim to provide students with real-world experience and skills that are applicable to the workplace.
    These all-inclusive support services are intended to improve students’ chances of landing a job and make sure they’re ready for the challenges of the corporate world.

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    Eligibility Criteria for LPU Online MBA 2024

    Applicants must fulfil the following criteria in order to be considered for the LPU Online MBA programme

    Educational Qualification

    • A bachelor's degree with at least three years of study is required.

    • Any stream may be chosen as long as the degree is awarded by an institution with UGC recognition.

    Minimum Academic Requirement

    • Must have earned an equal grade in their undergraduate degree or at least 50% overall.

    • Candidates might need to pass an admission test if their overall score is less than 50%.

    Current Students

    • Those who are in their final year of undergraduate studies are eligible to apply, which will help them to enrol in the MBA programme as soon as they graduate.

    Age and Work Experience

    • The LPU Online MBA programme does not have an age requirement for applications.

    • Although it is not required, work experience can be advantageous during the selection process.

    LPU Online MBA Fee Structure 2024

    For Indian Students

    Semester Fee Total Fee (All Semesters) Total Fee if paid lump sum

    Program Fee: ₹43,000

    Exam Fee: ₹2,000
    ₹1,62,800 (₹40,700 per semester)

    For International Students

    Semester Fee Total Fee (All Semesters) Total Fee if paid lump sum
    US$ 1650
    US$ 6600

    Program Fee: US$ 1550

    Exam Fee: US$ 100
    US$ 5980 (US$ 1495 per semester)
    The mentioned fee does not include the initial Registration Fee of ₹600/- (non-refundable)
    The fees mentioned are subject to change at any time. For the most current fee structure, visit the official LPU Online website or contact the HikeEdu student support team for detailed fee information or assistance with any queries that you may have.

    Step-by-Step Admission Process for LPU Online MBA

    Visit the LPU Online Website: Navigate to the official site and click on “Apply Now.”
    Register: Enter your basic information such as name, email, and phone number to register.
    Verify Email: Follow the link sent to your email to verify your account.
    Log In: Access the site with your credentials.
    Fill Out the Application Form: Provide detailed information about your educational background and work experience.
    Upload Documents: Attach necessary documents as required.
    Make Payment: Choose your preferred payment method.
    Submit Your Application Form: Ensure all details are correct before final submission.

    Documents Required for LPU Online MBA Admission 2024

    • Class 10th & 12th Certificates

    • Graduation Degree (if applicable)

    • Date of Birth Proof

    • ID Proof

    • Work experience certificate (if applicable)

    • Passport size photographs

    • Proof of Payment for the application fee

    • Any other required documents

    Student Testimonials

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is LPU good for Online MBA?
    The credibility of LPU Online MBA is guaranteed by its recognition on a national and international level. The degree is well recognised and has been accredited with the highest NAAC Grade of A++ and an amazing score of 3.68.
    What is the rank of LPU Online?
    The World University Ranking 2024 places LPU Online – UGC Entitled Online UG & PG Degree Programmes as 25th among India’s best universities (private and public).  
    Is an Online MBA accepted by companies?
    Indeed, an online MBA is recognised as legitimate both domestically in India and abroad. Graduates with an MBA can work or pursue higher education anywhere in the world.
    Is an Online MBA the same as a traditional MBA?
    The structure and content of an online MBA programme are the same as those of a full-time MBA programme. Because of its flexibility, it’s especially useful for people who have to travel a lot, are working professionals, and have family responsibilities.
    Can salary increase with an Online MBA?
    Yes, completing an online MBA programme will significantly boost your earning potential. A recent study found that the pay of MBA graduates increased by 50% over their pre-degree earnings.
    How many specialisations are offered in LPU's online MBA programme?
    Nine different specialisations are offered by LPU in its online MBA programme. Marketing, Finance, Data Science, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, International Business, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, and Business Analytics are these specialisations.  
    What is LPU Online LMS?
    The LPU Online LMS is an automated learning management system designed to effectively handle the administrative and academic tasks related to remote learning. By providing 24/7 accessibility through its user-friendly features, it tackles the difficulties associated with physical distances.  
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