Will An Online MBA Help In My Career? Key Points To Focus In 2024

In the ever-changing business landscape, the key to career growth lies in choosing the right online MBA program from a reputable institution. This ensures a high-quality education and paves the way for professional advancement. The popularity of online learning in the job market has empowered numerous working professionals to steer their careers in the right direction. 

Online education has revolutionised the modern era, offering aspirants the flexibility, adaptability, and convenience they need to excel in their management domain. This article, ‘Will an online MBA help in my career? ‘, will walk you through the key factors that underscore its importance, equipping you with the confidence to embark on your learning journey.  

What is an Online MBA?

An online MBA is a prestigious program offered at the degree and PG level, ensuring a seamless learning experience. It provides numerous advantages, including interactive sessions, teachings from esteemed mentors, a flexible learning mode, and an updated course curriculum, all of which contribute to its high recognition and value. This raises a question, will an online MBA help in my career?

The answer is Yes! Many renowned institutions, such as Amity University, Manipal University, Jain University, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, known for their commitment to high-quality education, offer highly respected online MBA programs. In the era of online education, the demand for virtual classes has skyrocketed, providing aspiring candidates with hassle-free learning opportunities from these esteemed institutions. 

Myths and Facts About Online MBA

UGC report says an online MBA is as important as an on-campus one. It has been approved as a regular MBA program and has an immeasurable scope in the future. 

Here are the points briefly clarifying the myths and facts about online MBAs, reassuring you about their value, and instilling confidence in your decision.

1. Myth: An online MBA is more straightforward than that of an on-campus MBA program

Fact: It’s a misconception that online MBA programs are straightforward because they require equal time and focus as an offline MBA class. Even though the online mode provides flexibility and convenience, the course syllabus remains vast, requiring the same attention given to an on-campus MBA program.  

2Myth: Online MBA is considered less valuable than Offline MBA 

Fact: The value of your degree depends more on the institute you choose because many reputable and renowned universities offer online MBA courses as their on-campus counterparts, providing the same syllabus structure, rich study materials, elite mentors, and case study projects. 

How you embark on the online MBA course matters more than how you earn it. Employers check your confidence and skills acquired from the program that meets their industry requirements. In the digitalised world, both online and offline MBA programs are essential, depending on the situation and individual goals. 

3. Myth: An online MBA is as expensive as an on-campus MBA 

Fact: Online MBA is more beneficial and budget-friendly than traditional or on-campus MBA. It benefits aspiring candidates with the same amount of knowledge at a lower price. Here is the division of online and On-campus MBA fees to look after:

University Name 

Online MBA Fees*

On-Campus Online MBA Fees*

Amity University

INR 1,75,000/-

INR 7,78,000/-

Manipal University

INR 1,75,000/-

INR 8,00,000/-

Symbiosis University

INR  1,50,000/-

INR 4,25,500/-

Lovely Professional University

INR  1,29,000/-

INR 3,96,000/-

Chandigarh University

INR 1,50,000/-

INR 4,40,000/- 

Please note: The fees* mentioned above depend on the institute you choose.

Will an Online MBA Help in my Career? Measuring the ROI in 2024

The surge of online education has shaped the careers of many working professionals. It has many perks, like flexible learning modes, convenient preferences, adaptability, potential salary, etc. 

Here are the points that justify how an online MBA Program will help me make my career in 2024 without quitting a job:

  1. The Rise of Online MBA Program: Online learning has brought comfort and flexibility to countless professionals, providing them with industry-expert teaching, case studies, study materials, etc. The demand has surged high, making virtual education the top option for those wanting to continue their employment while pursuing their studies.
  2. Industry-expert Guidance: In an online MBA program, students can enrol and benefit from expert guidance through interactive sessions and classroom-based teaching.
  3. Rich Course Curriculum: The course modules of an online MBA program are as vast as those of offline classes, equipping students with the same learning experience, projects, study materials, and knowledge. This enhances the learner’s ability to acquire vital skills and key insights to apply in industrial sectors. 
  4. Accreditations: The Online MBA Program from Amity University or Manipal University is accredited by NAAC, a prestigious body that is valuable in the job market. Once the course is completed, applicants or working professionals will receive an online MBA certificate to help them build careers in remarkable business organisations.
  5. Opportunity for Flexibility and Convenience: Working professionals opt for the online MBA Program because it allows them to study independently without hindrance, gain valuable insights from certified mentors and manage their busy schedules. 
  6. Balancing work and study simultaneously: Online learning eases the life of professionals and balances their lives with studies. They gain knowledge from all perspectives and diverse fields to apply in the industrial sector, which helps them expand their learning horizons without affecting their job.

Measuring the ROI in 2024:

Here are the points that justify why measuring the ROI in 2024 is essential in an Online MBA program:

  1. Career Growth—Once you enrol in the online MBA program, check your career efficiency and how it upscales your financial stability, salary increase, and job security. The ROI depends on the monetary exposure while doing an Online MBA. 
  2. Cost-Benefit—The cost of an Online MBA is determined by tuition fees, time commitment, etc., and how much you have benefited from the course decides its ROI regarding salary hikes, a higher position in a job, or placement in top industries with a fat salary package.  

Finally, calculate the ROI based on how much you’ve invested and how much you’ve gained during your Online MBA program, which defines your cost-benefit

Advantages of Online MBA

Advantages of Online MBA

The Online MBA program is promising and demanding in business, guiding aspirants to seek better career opportunities. It has many benefits, including a flexible mode of study, learning from industry experts, and a balanced work-life. 

Are you still doubting? Will an online MBA help in my career or not? Here are the advantages to clear your confusion:

  1. Ease of Flexible Learning: In the era of digital education, online MBAs offer flexible learning modes to working professionals. They can choose from self-paced learning or online classes to fully experience the program without affecting their work life. 
  2. Promising Career Opportunities: An online MBA degree holds valuable potential and can open doors to high-level management positions in various industries. Working professionals can choose from diverse career options in finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and more, allowing them to be successful in their respective domains. 
  3. Competitive Salary: With the right skills and knowledge, an online MBA professional can earn an industry-standard salary in the tech & business sector, enhancing the organisation’s performance and growth. Moreover, according to a PayScale report, the salary of an Online MBA professional in India can earn up to INR 2,00,000 per month.
  4. Recorded Sessions: Another feature of an online MBA course is its recorded training session, which allows you to learn whenever you miss a live interactive class. The live courses can be recorded and accessed later, which helps the candidates never miss out on essential lectures. 
  5. Affordable Cost: The cost of an Online MBA is cheaper than that of a regular MBA without affecting its quality, and students save a lot from relocation, commute transportation, etc. The online MBA cost in India ranges from INR 10,00,000 to 15,00,000.

Popular Specialisation for Online MBA

Online MBA offers popular specialisations that guide students and working professionals to meet their career goals by choosing the right field of interest. 

Thinking about how will an online MBA help in my career? Here is the list of specialisations listed that will that can be considered:                                

Popular Specialisation


Finance Management

  • It analyses and controls the company’s finance department. 
  • It overall manages the profit and investment and another funding report.

General Management

  • It manages day-to-day operations and company performance.
  • Their task is to plan and execute industrial goals.

Aviation Management

  • Its task is to check the performance of the aviation and airline departments. 

Marketing Management

  • They manage the brand campaigns and handle social media pages to optimise marketing performance.

Human Resources

  • Its responsibility is to look at the overall department of the organisation, but the main task is to oversee the recruiting and hiring process

Hospitality Management

  • Their task involves welcoming customers and helping them with dining, lodging, etc.

Project Management

  • Their responsibilities are to plan, monitor and execute specific tasks to achieve a project goal.

Essential Skills for Online MBA Program

The business sector has enhanced its workflow and introduced innovative organisational changes to maintain the industry’s growth and stability. Here are the vital skills an MBA professional needs in the workplace.

Online MBA Skills 



  • They manage and supervise the team to meet the common goal.
  • Influential leaders are flexible and motivate others to perform better in any organisational sector.

Critical Thinking

  • It’s a vital skill for solving complex problems and finding practical solutions. 

Time Management

  • It’s a practical skill that helps you use your time effectively and meet deadlines. 
  • It guides you to discover new ideas and execute a healthy work-life balance. 


  • It allows individuals to adjust to any circumstance and take necessary action. 

Effective Communication

  • Communication skills are necessary for an online MBA graduate to receive valid information and ideas for team-building. 
  • Implementing healthy communication requires listening, writing, speaking, and observing.

Career Paths After Online MBA

There are multiple paths to an online MBA career, and choosing the correct one imprints a lasting impression on the candidate’s career profile. 

Are you someone juggling with thoughts on how will an online MBA help in my career? Then below are some of the options to reflect on:

Job Profile


Management Consultant

  • They overlook business problems and manage performance with insightful solutions. 
  • They work with various clients and bring drastic organisational changes by seeking expert advice.

Marketing Manager

  • Their task is to manage the overall marketing campaign, build brand awareness, and evaluate marketing strategies for success and growth in the business sector. 
  • They align with marketing responsibilities that closely deal with market trends and research. 

Finance Manager

  • Many online MBA professionals enter the finance department to utilise their accounting skills.
  • Their task is to enhance the company’s profit & budget. 
  • They use data analysis before making any financial decisions and invest in something that will yield a return on investment.

Human Resources Manager

  • They handle organisational issues and coordinate with everyone to stabilise enhancements within the company. 
  • They handle the recruiting process and the hiring team, which links the management with its employees.

Project Manager

  • The project manager organises, plans, and executes the project.
  • Their responsibilities include coordinating with the team, preparing the final project from start to finish, and meeting the deadline before the deliveries. 

Please note: The average salary for the career paths mentioned above differs from the industry’s point of view and ranges between INR 5,00,000 and 10,00,000 annually. 

Will an online MBA help in my career : FAQs

Q1. Will I get a job if I do an online MBA?

Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, KPMG, Accenture, Infosys, and more welcome online MBA graduates who can significantly impact their organisations and achieve their goals. 

Q2. What is the fee structure for an online MBA in India?

The fees may vary depending on the institute, but the online MBA fees in India range from INR 30,000 to INR 3,00,000.

Q3. Is there any entrance exam for an online MBA program?

No, the candidates can pursue the online MBA degree based on their mark sheet. However, it depends on the institute’s eligibility criteria. 

Q4. How does an online MBA benefit my career?

An online MBA degree can benefit your career by providing highly advanced business knowledge. It helps you possess industrial skills that prepare you for top-rated companies with high-paying salary structures. 

Q5.Which institute is better for choosing an online MBA?

Numerous institutes, such as Amity University, Manipal University, Chandigarh University, Lovely Professional University, and DY Patil University, offer online MBA programs.

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